September 18, 2022

Adam’s Maintenance Services: Subcontractors Adapting to a Changing Industry



Adam’s Maintenance Services:  Subcontractors Adapting to a Changing Industry

The construction industry has faced rapid changes over the course of the past few years. The
COVID-19 pandemic led to many job sites being shut down completely, which considerably
delayed existing projects. The industry also saw rapidly rising costs of materials due to supply
chain issues, and is currently dealing with the effects of high oil costs. The all-time high oil costs
at the beginning of March made transportation of personnel and materials an expensive

There’s another serious result of the pandemic that’s getting less press than oil costs and supply
chain issues: the current shortage of skilled workers in the United States. During the pandemic,
nearly 800 million skilled labor jobs were lost– workers were either laid off due to company
financial woes, or simply left their respective industries to seek less hands-on work. Many
tradesmen also took early retirements.

The number of skilled labor job openings slowly increased from its original low, but even today,
there are still millions of open jobs. This booming demand for workers is partly a result of the
jobs lost during the pandemic, but is also affected by the housing market’s rapid growth and
subsequent increase in demand. There’s simply more work to go around, and less people to fill
these jobs.

Jason Poore, President of Acworth, GA-based Adam’s Maintenance Services, Inc., has an
optimistic outlook for the construction industry even despite its current roadblocks. He explains,
“Even with inflation on the rise and supply chain issues, I see our industry growing year after
year. With or without skilled laborers, companies are run by entrepreneurs that don’t give up.
We just learn to adapt with the changing economy.”

Subcontracting work, like the work that Adam’s Maintenance Services takes on, seems to be the
current preferred solution for many business owners and developers. Because skilled workers
are in high demand, many of them are choosing to work for themselves– the ability to choose
their own schedules and work for a variety of clients is often more lucrative than working for a
specific company full-time.

Subcontracting is also beneficial to developers and building owners. Hiring subcontractors
means that businesses can bring in skilled laborers to complete specific tasks without bringing
them on as full-time employees. This means that companies save money as well.
The general philosophy at Adam’s Maintenance Services, according to Jason Poore, is “a
hands-on approach with customer service, and a hands-off approach to the structure and
governance of our subcontractor teams. This creates an environment of creative flexibility for
our subcontractors, and keeps us compliant with labor laws.”
The construction industry in general, as Jason Poore predicted, is continuing to grow at an
unprecedented rate, and the need for skilled workers is only growing. As older workers retire or
go into other fields, even more jobs are opening up– which is a problem, since younger
generations, for a period of time, were less likely to go into the skilled trades after completing
high school.

That trend is slowly reversing, as high school students and recent graduates in a volatile
economy realize that seeking a career as a skilled worker is a lucrative option that will allow
them to support themselves and their families right out of school.
While experienced tradesmen are in high demand, the future looks good for new graduates, too.
Jason Poore got his start in construction at an early age founded Adam’s Maintenance Services
to perform residential handyman work, which they still offer today. Because of his close watch
on industry trends, Adam’s Maintenance Services expanded in 2019 to offer subcontracting
services to federal general contractors, and again in 2020 to supply and install storefront
framing, glass, and doors.

It takes a shrewd businessman to maintain strong industry knowledge and adjust a company’s
business plan accordingly. With Jason Poore’s extensive experience, his eye on the state of the
construction industry, and his knowledge of the growing demand for subcontractors, Adam’s
Maintenance Services is a reliable, financially sustainable source for subcontracting work– and
much more.

Adam’s is always looking for local professional handyman to hire as subcontractors or full time employees.

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