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Lighting Maintenance

Lighting plays a large role in the comfort of your office, but many business owner / companies simply don’t have the time to change out the light when it goes out. At Adam’s Maintenance Services, we recognize that a well lite office  is happy office and safe, which is why we’re proud to offer comprehensive lighting services. We realize that every office has their own preferences, so we first complete a lighting audit to get all your specific type of lights and fixtures that are in your office / facility. After the lighting audit we order any lights that are out and replace them on our next service visit. We send a license electrician to your office just in case something needs to be fixed that requires an electrician. 

Service Overview

How this service works?  After we complete your lighting audit, you simply call us to request service no monthly contracts needed for our lighting services. 

With Clients that use us for monthly services we reduce your service charges, this is always based on how much work we receive from your company, we have a flat service fee of $65 to show up to any location in the Metro Atlanta Area during normal business hours. 


With more than 25 years of industry-leading experience, our reviews speak for our quality of work. Our customers know that they can count on us to make sure everything is working correctly once we leave there facility. 

Expert Employee

You can be confident that all our staff members are professional in there field.

Modern Technology

We use ServiceChannel to receive work orders from big box retailers, all other business will have to call us at 800-270-9129 for service.

Ready to service your facilities

We are standing by to service your facility,  book your appointment online or call us at 800-270-9129 for more information.  Remember to check our local service areas… 

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