We Offer Full Service Property & Facility Work Order Management Services. With our in-house staff we can make sure your work gets done the right way the first time. 

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Welcome to Adam's Maintenance Services, Inc

Adam’s Maintenance Services solves your maintenance challenges without disrupting customer experience for your guests or employees. Our services give you peace of mind that your branded environment is in good hands while giving you back time in your day to focus on your core business operations.  We Provide a wide rage of services. the only service we don’t offer is roofing services at this time.  

Adam’s Maintenance Services helps solves complex and unique facility maintenance repairs that most companies turn down. Our online customer service platform allows you and your store managers to submit work orders, approve quotes, and review project status. 

This process help prevent project managers from missing calls from our clients and reduces unnecessary calls for project updates, it also helps us with making sure your project is completed on time without delay. This thorough maintenance process can extend the life of your assets, create a more comfortable experience for your guests, and reduce the chance of an asset failing at the worst possible time, as we all know In the increasingly competitive world of brick and mortar retail, the last thing your brand needs is store downtime. 

Welcome to Adam's Maintenance Services - Texas

Our New Office location will be opening in August 2023

Exciting Times for us here at Adam’s Maintenance Services with new locations opening up in Dallas TX, Florida and North Carolina by the end of 2023.

Our New Office in Texas will be opening in August 2023


Who We Serve!

High level of competence

Our experience will help you keep your facility up to date for your employees and clients.

clients experience an average hard dollar savings of 15-20% on their FM spend. See if your company could receive the same contact us today for a free maintenance review.

Handyman Service's:
15 years
Multiple Facilities Management Services
8 years
Work Order Management (Broker)
9 years


Experienced specialists

With our in-house specialists we can help maintain and track all your facility maintenance tickets.


Stable & predictable results

We provide Stable and predicable results, we look out for our clients needs and exceed expectations. 


100% Satisfaction guarantee

We provide a 100% satisfaction workmanship guarantee to our clients. 


18+ Years in the construction industry.

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